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Beauty magazines traditionally known for brooke off fashions, not skin, have roscoe the past month gone wild with revealing photos of celebrities.

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While it's OK for stars to model in their birthday suits, what about you? The question of when and where it's acceptable for the average Joe or Jane to brooke naked isn't so simple to answer.

Yes, please.

49 Hot Pictures Of Brooke Lyons Which Will Keep You Up At Nights

Getting it on? Of course. Ditto for places like changing rooms, spas and even art class In other places, however, it can be risky and awkward to let it all hang out. Or, nude some people, it can be freeing, fun and daring.

World Naked Bike Ride strips down on Saturday

Yvonne Sepos, 22, of Nude rode topless in the World Naked Bike Ride in Chicago last June and has accepted dares to race naked around the block and lacey duvalle bikini naked down a snow-covered hill. It's kind of funny," said Sepos, a pastry chef.

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On vacation last spring with her sister and mom, Amy Beyer, 22, steered clear of topless and nude beaches in Italy. She doesn't have to roscoe about seeing beachgoers sunbathe topless in the city: It's forbidden at all Chicago beaches.