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But what about folks who nude being in the buff while they GET buff? Surely there must be naked fun for the active person, right?

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And while camps, resorts, and protest associations host plenty of these deals amatuergalleries year, here are the 12 best in the United States.

Chicago, IL The World Naked Bike ride actually stops through 74 cities around the world and is a form of protest against the breast use of oil. Or something. No, since this race is held at the Cypress Cove Nudist Resort, there's not a whole lot racer difference between what the racers are doing and what everybody else at the resort is doing.

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There just wearing running shoes. Also known as, feeding the mosquitoes. Held the day after Surf Expo in Orlando, last year's inaugural event drew 20 participants.

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Yes, they're outside naked, in Vermont And while the school officially canceled funding for the ride init's carried on thanks to student support. Hosted by the Sun Ray Hills clothing-optional camp, this race takes you through 3.