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Brazil hand fetish

Brazil hand fetish

For those who like to smother and get smothered, this category has you in hand. Or in the case of the submissive one, regardless of what might happen to you, you still want to do everything it takes, even beyond fetish level of comfort to still satisfy your master or mistress.

It might take a bit of time, luck and effort in real life to get to some proper smothering xxx vagin teen a partner of yours, but here you can instantly find videos of hot Brazilian girls smothering mostly girls but boys too using various objects such as cigarettes even three at a timeplastic bags, duct tape, and doing it even underwater, or in a police costume, besides the usual hands and feet action, though still getting quite creative with it as well, using their own physical size for example.

Regardless of the gender of the slaves, the dominas doing the brazil smother are always girls.

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