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Brain wash sex

Brainwashing your wife to want sex? Here is adtech at its worst

I was at this party the other night. Maybe a friend of a friend called me.

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I was just hanging out wash to whoever. I saw this woman across the room.

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She was mid to late 40s. I approached her and I started a conversation.

Urban Dictionary: Brainwash

Within a minute of a conversation with her just about random stuff like who do you know at the party type stuff, I could tell that she sex an incredible amount an almost irresistible amount of sexual energy. I was trying to figure out why this not normally attractive woman had such powerful sexual energy.

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I was starting to get a very nude women backstage positive biological physiological response to her invisible sexual energy. I think she sort brain suspected I want to know that because somebody with that much sexual energy that is not quite congruent with the way they look probably gets a lot of attention from men for that reason.

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