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My hair does what it wants, no girls how hard I may try to control it.

4 Questions About Hair That Black Girls Are Tired Of Answering

Some days it will decide to form shining, crinkly curls that rest on my shoulders. Another day, it will form a tight, kinky halo around my head. Other people, black, have a curiosity about my curls that never seems to be satisfied.

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Articles have been written about this. Songs have upskirtschoolgirls sung about this. An entire head game was created around this question and its answer.

Death of Latasha Harlins

Without fail, if I go out in public after a wash day, someone somewhere will ask what happened to all of my hair after they witness the incredible shrinkage. Natural girls are very familiar with the phenomenon we call shrinkage.

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I hate li lianna blowjobs this happens.