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Big brother topless

Big Brother Naija star, Khloe poses topless in new photos –

Being a webcam girl, a glamour model and a professional dominatrix makes a person very free and easy with the nudity. The outrageous PVC-loving dominatrix - who's big time away from her whips and chains in the Channel 5 reality show - has dared to bear again, by sitting topless in bed, quite happily chatting away.

The supremely confident lady has no qualms about letting BB's cameras see all she has to offer, but then again, the webcam model is no stranger big being filmed in the altogether.

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Unfortunately some of her housemates were shocked by her nudity, with her then having to thunder: I sleep naked. The nude budweiser models brother contestant was only in the house a few hours before she lost her PVC dress and stripped down to an impossible small bikini to soak up the sunshine while exercising in the garden.

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Though at one point the year-old was picked up by gym-junkie stripper Marc O'Neill and unfortunately reveals rather more than she expected. After that there was no stopping her as she returned to earth, only to fling herself brother down once again with a handstand and give poor Sam a view to remember.

Big Brother Naija star, Khloe poses topless in new photos

The new crop of Big Brother housemates have only been in the house topless minutes and they're already causing fights. In particular, new housemate, scientist and male stripper Marc O'Neill topless approximately 30 seconds before he was rubbing his new housemates up the wrong way. Shortly after his entrance to the house, Marc's sitting in the house when Chloe Wilburn is called to the diary room by Big Brother. Not quite knowing that after the trauma of a multiple eviction and having Simon 'Mr Showbiz' Gross back in the house, that making jokes probably wouldn't be appreciated, Marc quips that she's going for an STI test.