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Sure, OK, fine, having a best friend nudist about love, companionship, support and all that other touchy-feely crap. But more importantly, it's about knowing that there's someone out there who has seen you at your grossest, and still wants to go to the movies with you. Though a lot has been written celebrating the bestfriend strength of female friendshipsI think we need to celebrate another element: And the frequent, freewheeling grossness of female best friendships is even more important to talk about when you consider the fact that lots of people still don't want to admit that existing in a female body is often wildly, hilariously gross.

If we live in a world where many folks don't even want to admit that women fart, isn't admitting that you once helped sexy natacha yi roommate tweeze an ingrown hair on her labia kind of a revolutionary act?

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In that spirit, here are 18 of the grossest things that best friends do with and for each other. Read on, and celebrate the fact that closeness and grossness nudist hopelessly, helplessly intertwined.

18 Gross Things Best Friends Do Together (And By Gross We Mean Awesome)

Also, could you pop this zit on my back for me? I can't reach it and it is driving me nuts. Love you! Hanging out in the bathroom together is Best Friend Gross Realness In fact, I've often found in my own life that the moment when you make the decision to pee in front of each other because the bathroom line at this party bestfriend just way too long is often the day you realize that you truly have nudist a new best friend.

Do you need nudist joy hard take a shower before bestfriend leave the house, or can you get by with just deodorant, a little Febreeze, and not standing too close to anybody else?