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15 Best Movies with Male Nudity - Top Films With Full Frontal Naked Men Scenes

These two very cute and hot lads are a real life couple naked Pittsburgh. They regularly share lots of sweet and sexy selfies on their Instagram page but no nudes along with their cat and two dogs.

Justin is the slightly taller bloke and Guys has the fuller beard. Justin is a professional environmentalist and former gymnast Nick is an anesthesia nurse.

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This bloke appeared in both straight and gay porn in the early s under many names, but most frequently as Scott Peterson. He is no relation, of course, to the notorious Scott Peterson who would come along in the next decade and became famous in a sensational trial where he was convicted of murdering and dismembering his pregnant wife.

14 Best Movies with Male Nudity - Full Frontal Naked Men in Movies

Because he did both gay and straight porn, I wondered if the good Scott was gay for pay. I remember seeing him in several spanking porn scenes, where he paddled several lads until best buns were blazing red and then fucked them.

He was hard whilst spanking them, so perhaps he perfect redhead slut really a kinky lad and had found his niche in porn.

This lad purportedly works construction, but he also clearly spends time in the gym.

Embrace the Female Gaze: 18 Times Male Actors Did Full-Frontal on Screen

This bloke does not look like your typical porn stud. He seems more like middle management material, somebody with a white collar job somewhere who leads an anonymous life. I like how he keeps his fur and has avoided tattoos.