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With the exception of the ever-so-amazing Misty Copelandonly a handful of ballerinas, let alone ballerinas of color, are celebrated on a regular basis.

In fact, many dance companies across the country include women of color of exceptional accomplishment.

This Beautiful Photo of Ballerinas of Color Is Slaying on Instagram

They are all breathtaking, unprecedented, and vital, to demonstrate the often unsung excellence of ballet dancers of color. Spewing SlayBells effortlessly… browngirlsdoballet. Yahoo Beauty black naked junior out nude Franklin for more details about the inspiration for the campaign:.

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Ballerina came up with the concept for the photo? I developed a photoshoot concept for the company around those keywords, including audacity, authenticity, hope, strength, unapologetic excellence, and growing where planted.

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Photos were shot by Andrew J. Breig, and makeup was done by LaLa Shegog.

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