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Asian nerdy girls

Asian and Nerdy

For those girls who are not familiar with the fashion trends of the s and s, oversized jeans nerdy up with a checkered shirt and a pair of geeky black glasses are a source of new inspiration.

The nerdy cool or nerdy cute, as the style asian redefined, is a new fashion statement that defies today's much-adopted go-to look of simple cool. What caught her eye was the "high-waist mom jeans. A year-old junior high school student was also interested in the look. That's so dated," she said. But, the mother has a point. They are meant to be retro and a bit nerdy.


GU said that the high-waist mom jeans were designed based on looks from hit American TV dramas spanish topless teens the late s, s and early s such as "Beverly Hills, ," which aired girls Japan. This revived trend drew younger generations' asian, and the jeans have been selling well since their launch in March, the company said.

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Young girls are also discovering the new old on Instagram, a girls photo-sharing app. They wore a red bandana around their heads, put on round, black glasses, tucked their colorful checkered shirts into their jeans, carried black backpacks and wore sneakers.

Girls go nerdy cute in Japan - Nikkei Asian Review

Then, they nerdy off to Minatomirai, a commercial district in Yokohama. She is careful about details. The bandana, she explained, should not be worn like a plastic hairband over your head because that would be cute.