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Angerfist hardcore

Uncompromising hardcore DJ and producer Angerfist K8 shares her guaranteed dancefloor obliterators It has a vibe that stands out from other tracks, which attracts me to it.

Angerfist: The Masked Marauder of Hardcore

The deep melody and overall melodramatic vibe make this one of my all-time favorites. He stayed close to the original, but clearly gave it his own signature sound.

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An aggressive bomb that still works on any dancefloor. The hostile vocals by Angerfist combined with the symphonic breakdown give it a warrior feeling. I love the vibe it brings to a dancefloor when I play it. This one is high on my list of favorites. What can make or break a track in our scene is a kick drum, and in this one, you get basically overwhelmed the first time it drops.

The angry vocals fit perfectly — one of my favorite raw hardstyle tracks.

Angerfist | Official Website

So much energy and power have been put into this. Hardcore style has always been raw and underground, but with a dancefloor-oriented approach.

Like I said before, in our scene, a kick can make or break a track, and I love the way this adult coveralls drops.

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The melody and atmosphere are very solid as well, but this one is hardcore all about the drop for me.