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After over two days of silence, the family of Bryan Hamade, the internet's lawrence suspect in the nude celebrity photo lawrencespoke exclusively to BuzzFeed. Andrew said that despite being at the center of this scandal, his andrew spirits were still high. It's a crazy situation and he's a little shocked that this is really even happening," he said. If he turns it on it's just like nude massacre.

Exclusive: Alleged Celebrity Nude Photo Leaker's Brother Speaks Out

While Andrew is unsure if his brother has hired an attorney, he said that he's been in close contact with legal representation to make a statement tomorrow. We've been told there's no legal problems right now and it's not like he's running. He just doesn't want people hating him," the brother told BuzzFeed. When asked, Andrew Hamade said Bryan has not been andrew by law enforcement, contrary to internet rumors.

I've seen a lot of different penn state poon online but Bryan's phone has been off and they'd probably be calling us family members if they were after him. I'm his only actual brother. There's nothing going on with that.

Nobody besides news reporters have gone to my house.

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The year-old also tried to dispel some of the nude floating around the internet, specifically regarding Southern Digital Media, the company BuzzFeed and other outlets reported Hamade worked for. She's never really even used it for work, I don't think.

The media are searching every channel for information and all the people on the site are actually our family members," Hamade said, noting that one listed staffer on Southern Digital Media — Andrew's 15 year-old half-brother — had been harassed as a result.