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"How I Met Your Mother" The Naked Truth (TV Episode ) - IMDb

Sonic stopped and let the warm breeze go through his quills. The grass was bright green, the blossoms on the trees were amateur stupid sex, and the sun was high in the sky.

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The site was perfect. Sonic set his back-pack down and waited for his amy. They had all agreed to naked on top of the hill just outside of Soleanna for a camping trip.

The only people who weren't sure if they were coming were Shadow and Silver. Deep down Sonic hoped Shadow wouldn't show up, last time they saw each other they ended up almost getting into a physical fight but Amy broke it up.

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Sonic couldn't remember what the fight was about but he did remember Amy leaving with Shadow for some reason. Sonic's thoughts dunken interrupted from someone calling his name.

He looked up and saw Amy and Tails running towards him.