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Why Americans are having less sex

I s there america aspect of human life more connected to one's sense of self than sex? If we change the way we think about sex, surely we are changing the way we think about ourselves?

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If we change sex, we change ourselves. This is the simple, frightening argument at the heart of Meika Loe's sociological analysis of sildenafil Viagra —frightening not because some dark commercial conspiracy is revealed, but rather, because it seems that some profound and perhaps unwelcome changes may be taking place in our culture and in our bedrooms, sexs. A america described activist scholar and assistant professor of sociology and women's studies at Colgate University, New York state, Loe has a strong academic interest in men and sex.

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America than science, she concludes it was a potent cocktail of the profit motive, seductive rhetoric, and exaggerated statistics that helped build the disease that became the mass market for Pfizer's Viagra. The power of The Rise of Viagra lies in its clear observations of this fresh new process of disease creation, which is transforming normal sexual difficulties into the symptoms of treatable illness. Sexs are many revealing and engaging interview quotes from some of the key players in the ongoing conflict around the medicalisation of sexual problems, from both the proponents and the critics.

The book's weakness, for me, is that the interviews with men and women using Viagra, experiencing it first hand, are not well enough integrated with the wider arguments and analysis. While the sociologist Loe clearly has a deep and warm respect for the subjects of her research, many of whom are candid about personal sexual experiences with the sexs, and some of whom have had very positive petite tiny teen with it, she doesn't succeed in drawing these characters or their testimony into the major drama of the book.

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