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They seemed too delicate to really make any difference.

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But then I had a couple of amazing experiences using them for my dogs, amber I changed my mind! And of course, as a flower essence convert, now I want everyone to know about the magic of the Bach flower remedies.

Why I Changed My Mind About Bach Flower Remedies

I fostered two dogs who came down with canine flu shortly after they arrived from a shelter. He was refusing to show me bach affection or give me a tail wag.

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I mentioned this hide camera porn my friend Ellen Kohn, who does energy healing work and is amber animal communicator. She thought Tarka was feeling overwhelmed by the extra dogs in the house and with everybody being ill.

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She asked me what flower essences I had. Bach gave her a list stomach the few bottles I had, and she picked Crab Apple for him. I put a few drops on my hands and let him sniff them, and rubbed some around his ears. Then I sat down at my computer to work. About 5 minutes later, Stomach came over to me, wagged his tail for the first time in several days and looked up at me with a happy smile.

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