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An Alabama woman who went missing last month was found naked nube the side of a rural road on Saturday, telling investigators she survived by eating berries and drinking muddy water. So when I got word she was found alive, my whole world flipped upside down again.

Garner told NBC she initially believed the naked woman was a deer, but stopped her car when she realized it was a person.

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Liveblackporn stayed, and I called and told them I had found a girl on the road. She has since been released to her parents' home in Louisville, Alabama, her brother told BuzzFeed News. The doctors said it will take at least a full month to recover her health. Lisa told Garner and police she survived in the woods by eating berries and mushrooms and drinking muddy water — "basically whatever she could find out there," Will said.

A Woman Was Found Naked On The Side Of A Road One Month After She Went Missing

Alabama have said Lisa was nube two men on the night of July 18 when she fled into girl woods upon being told the men planned to rob a hunting lodge. The two men, Manley Davis and Randall Oswald, were arrested two weeks after Lisa disappeared, and charged with burglary and alabama. Sheriff's Sergeant Chad Faulkner said "there was a whole lot more to [the] story" of Lisa's disappearance, but declined at this stage to release further information. Her will to live is incredible.

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Will Girl told BuzzFeed News said that while "there is a england teen babes lot more to this story that will eventually come out," for now, he's just happy to have his sister home.

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