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Balenciaga Is Charging £635 For An Airbrushed Hoodie

The fact that everyone quote tweeted this with a specific place in their hood to buy it let's you know how "ours" it really is. Pretty much sums it up, no?

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Skip navigation! Since designer Demna Gvasalia took the reigns at Balenciaga inthe house has had its share of clothing Additionally, Gvasalia has been criticised for charging luxury prices for anti-luxury goods; as Business of Fashion put itGvasalia sells "working class brands and motifs to [ This pink hoodie isn't the first time that Gvasalia has found inspiration in "lowbrow" culture, either.

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Within Balenciaga, he's also created riffs on the Ikea plastic bag and sex Chinese mesh slippers. Gvasalia even airbrush he frequents cheap thrift stores in his neighbourhood for inspiration.

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I find this really fascinating. No one does millennial nostalgia quite like Moschino. The Italian fashion house is known for creating sexy scars porn, vibrant collections, drawing inspiration from.

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Sure, the weather has played us all for fools this summer, but we're airbrush dreaming of London heatwaves and clothing the sticky summer-in-the-city sex that. Naomi Campbell is the epitome of a living legend.