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British Empire. Girls, the British successfully intervened in a succession dispute between emir Dost Mohammad Barakzai and former emir Shah Shujah Durraniwhom they installed nude conquering Kabul in August The main British Indian and Sikh force occupying Kabul along with their camp followershaving endured harsh winters as loniandersonporn, was almost completely annihilated while retreating in January Dost Mohamed returned from exile in India to resume his rule.

It was one of ahghan first major conflicts during the Great Gamethe 19th century competition for power and influence in Central Asia between Britain and Russia. Afghanistan portal.

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The 19th century was a period of diplomatic competition between the British and Russian empires for spheres of influence in Nude known as the " Great Game " to the British and the "Tournament of Shadows" to the Russians. The Russian Empire was slowly extending its domain into Central Asia, and this was seen by the East India Company as a possible threat to their interests in India.

In 19th century Russia, there was the ideology of Russia's "special mission in the East", namely Russia had the "duty" to conquer much of Asia, though this was more directed against the nations of Central Asia and the alleged "Yellow Peril" of China than India. Instead, the British feared the French-trained Dal Khalsaand they considered the Sikh army to be a far more formidable threat than the Afghans who did not porn star jassie an army at all, instead having only a tribal levy where under the banner of jihad tribesmen would come out to fight for the Emir.

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For this reason, Lord Auckland preferred an alliance with the Punjab girls an alliance with Afghanistan, which had nothing equivalent to the Dal Khalsa.

The British had the power to compel Singh to return the former Afghan territories he had conquered whereas the Russians did not, which explains why Dost Mohammad Khan wanted an alliance with the British. Alexander Burnes, the Scotsman who served as the East India Company's chief political officer in Afghanistan wrote home after having dinner ahghan Count Witkiewicz and Dost Mohammad in late December The emperor of Russia has sent an envoy to Kabul to offer