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27 Adults Jokes In Cartoons That You Totally Missed As A Kid

Here are 25 of the best. When Kristoff discovers Anna is engaged to someone she just met, he works a subtle but effective size joke into his interrogation of how well the jokes really knows her betrothed. Get it?

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When those lovable Minions are denied access to the Tower of London without female sex dolls adult, they dress up like a normal sized lady to jokes in. When Shrek and Donkey spot the giant castle of Lord Farquad, they wisely deduce animated he might be compensating for something a little smaller. When Alex the Lion begins chasing him, Marty the Zebra exclaims a seemingly random string of words out of pure terror.

But adult adults may realize that S ugar H oney I ced T ea secretly spells out a word daddy mutters often. Pacman should take it as a compliment.

The 25 Greatest Adult Jokes Hidden in Animated Kid's Movies | Fatherly

Yeah, he is. Hercules and Meg recall the weird play they just watched. This is the perfect joke for history buffs adult people who love intense, incestuous psycho-sexual thrillers.

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In this straight-to-DVD-but-still-pretty-solid-entry-into-the-Aladdin-cannon, Genie manages to work in a subtle joke about what goes on during the honeymoon just before Aladdin and Jasmine are getting hitched. Incredible ended up marrying Elastigirl and animated a family.

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Of course, he has his own unique and douchey way of putting that into words.