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One-click hosting. Launch your application instantly on our cloud platform. Bubble hosts and scales your site as your traffic grows. No need to deploy servers or build out an operations team: Bubble provides secure, production-ready, scalable infrastructure out of the box so you can focus on your users.

Learn more. About what you can build with Bubble. See what our users have built. Edit this page. See what this page looks like in the Bubble editor. I would like a quality medical website for a physician home -based primary care practice.

I provide care in patient homes, similar to family medicine in the traditional days. Mostly for homebound elderly or those who qualify.

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I already hove a bluehost domain. Need a chat in real time that charges per minute for psychics that allows me to add advisors and a way for site owner to recieve paypal and credit cards and be able to manage with reviews owner can edit. I installed it but it does not work. I used composer command but error occured.

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Find someone who will install it quickly. Thank you. Its small - server hosting company. At first there will be not much of work because after we build the website we will spend some time in making business co This project has to be done in PHP Program Specification 1 Upload images from Camera 2 Firstly from the image, you are required to find the container id serial number from the image.

Localisation 3 Perform OCR to recognize the container id. I have several website that i want to remove contents from. Details will be discussed with the awarded person.

We are sintalling final project on clients production server. WP with essential grid. We get blank page on any pages which has Ess Gri included, other work fine, backend too. Php is 7. I have a digital ocean server hosting a Django website. The SSL needs to be fixed or reinstalled correctly. Hi, We need a website to be built within a short span of time and should be able to update the content by ourselves. And once the website is created we should host it to the server as well.

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Every time I change dns from host to cloudflare it goes to a parked domain page which is weird. I just need free cloudflare set up and force https so when someone enters www or http: Hello, guys am looking any person who can do set up to my new theme to my webhosting site. No tryingYou must know what you are doing, [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] above is my website now check if you can do it wordpress site only.

The response of that server is very slow so that it is difficult to even test. Can anyone solve this problem. I can give you great bonus if there is resolution. I need someone to scan the hosting accounts and clean them of any malicious software.

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The list of domains are the following: Hi, I have uploaded this site on AWS octa-core server. As soon as traffic volume hitsthe website crashes and the website becomes unavailable to reach. Looking for a freelancer to set up the website and server configuration so that it can handle a large volume of traffic Thanks. Hello Everyone, I have one back end source code was built in Python and docker.

My requirements: Regarding the requirements 1,2, you have to work via team-viewer. Before to send the proposal, you have I just deleted my wordpress site on the server by my mistake.

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Server provider is Namecheap I need someone who can recover the files. I am not sure it is possible. I have one project working with dart, python script and postgre database. I will provide account credential and source codes. You should deploy on google cloud. Only expert who has much exp in deployment should bid on this project.

I need to complete asap. We needs skills in: Java, MySQL to do the installation and get a demo environment live We would like to be guided to through the demo environment. More info: I need free website edits on Wordpress now. In addition to shell scripts, your hosting environment supports other language scripts. For example, Perl is a commonly used scripting language that can use scripts as Cron Jobs. In most cases, you can perform this task by specifying to use the executable as the first line of the script.

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For example:. When a script begins with a line, as in the previous example, and the executable permissions are set, you can specify the line as the command to run for a Cron Job. The PHP versions 4 and 5 hosting installations do not support the use of the executable line in scripts.

To run a PHP script with Cron, you must set the path to the PHP interpreter as the first element of the command, and then enter the full path of the script you want to run. The full path to the PHP executables depend on what type of hosting you have more info and your PHP version more info:. For more information, see Create Cron jobs.