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Ensure that your domain has been verified, otherwise you will not be able to proceed with the following steps. Note that only verified domains will be displayed. If your domain is not already listed, click Refresh domains.

How to set up email at your own domain name

Run the following gcloud domains command to list your verified domains:. To programmatically list your verified domains, see the apps. If you need to delegate the ownership of your domain to other users or service accounts, you can add permission through the Webmaster Central page:.

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Under Propertiesclick the domain for which you want to add a user or service account. Scroll down to the Verified owners list, click Add an ownerand then enter a Google Account email address or service account ID. Go to Service Accounts page. Continue to the next step of the Add new custom domain form to select the domain that you want to map to your App Engine app: Specify the domain and subdomains that you want to map.

The naked domain and www subdomain are pre-populated in the form. A naked domain, such as example.

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A subdomain, such as wwwmaps to http: Click Save mappings to create the desired mapping. In the final step of the Add new custom domain form, note the resource records that are listed, including their type and canonical name CNAMEbecause you need to add these details to the DNS configuration of your domain. Run the following gcloud app domain-mappings command to map your domain to your App Engine app:. How do I set up an email address in CPanel?

Login to your control panel. In the Email section Toggle navigation. How do I create custom error pages? Error pages are served to Internet users when any one of a variety of errors occur, such as when a user enters an incorrect URL or is not authorized to access a specific directory in your web site. Companies often customize error pages to brand them with a specific corporate image and a link to their home page.

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Optional Email address 2 — Enter the secondary email address you want us to send status-change notifications to. If necessary, edit your contact information, and then click Next. From the Number of credits to use list, select the number of credits you want to apply, and then click Next. If you need to purchase backorder credits or Private Registration, continue through the checkout process.

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