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Нам нужны сплочённые и активные игроки! Все новенькие должны будут придерживаться дисциплине и слушать админов трайба. Критерии для того что бы к нам попасть: Ark Survival einsteiger Guide. Ark survival evolved ist ein survival spiel mit DInosaurier. Als schritt eins erstellt man einen Character seiner Wahl, dann spawnt man ein einem beliebigen Ort am besten ein einen einem Ort wo leicht steht.

Als erstes haut man mit seiner Hand auf einem Ba If you can dream it, you can build it! We are particularly excited to finally be able to share this with our console survivors who will be using it for the very first time.

Here are the new building features included in Homestead: Previously the Kibble system worked like a tree, the egg of one creature being used in a kibble to tame the next creature in line. All of the builds featured in the trailer are player-created and you can find links to how to build the structures in the video description.

It has been an amazing experience for us to see our dedicated players create things we could have never imagined! We hope these changes to ARK inspire survivors to turn their wooden shack on the beach into the fortress of their dreams! Homestead patch notes:.

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We invite you to join us from our Seattle office as we discuss the latest developments with ARK. We invite you to leave your ARK or development related questions in the comment section below and we will be selecting an assortment of your questions to answer live on stream.

The developers on-camera this stream will be: Host, Gameplay Programmer Chris: Senior Producer Jen: But the world spins on, and sapient races have turned their sights from the sky to the horizon. The maps have expanded, kingdoms and empires scattering across the globe on the backs of dragons and colony ships.

This island is but one of many inhabited now, settled by the Evenwyr Empire, shortly followed by Kas Lanua and the Redrock Alliance. The three groups that live upon it have established a relatively stable peace, each taking a territory for their own and flourishing upon it.

Wealthy in creatures and abundant resources, this paradise has prospered in relative safety - though there are rumblings from the deep.

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Something threatens to awaken underneath the island, and those particularly attuned to the thin threads of aether that are left dream of gnashing teeth and ravenous hunger. Monstrous howls echo from the mines, only audible on still nights. But perhaps these are just the concerns of a few jumpy miners and spacey settlers. There are more important things to deal with - like handling everything else in life.

Welcome to the Far Cycles. The overarching story is shaped by the actions of the players, and the outcomes of the season depend on them. There are three unique clans to pick from that can provide a community to get started with, each providing different bonuses and coming with their own unique cities. Stay in town or settle somewhere further afield, with 30 dinos per person and regular events to keep busy with.

Whether native to the island or coming from a faraway land with your own lore, and with loose rules on fantasy races, your character can be pretty much anything you want. Ark Survival Evolved Rp. Песочницы 5. Have Fun traversing The Terrible Arks. The Ark RP. Приключенческие Игры 4. Lore bit; Specimine implant As a human you have an implant in your left wrist, shaped like a diamond. It gives you access to your inventory and stats.

When you die, you can respawn without your inventory but everything else is kept unless your implant is destroyed. ММО Игры Welcome to Valkyrie, a fun and friendly PVE server.

Our admin is active and dedicated to improving the server for the people who play it. Come join us in-game to make new friends and have a good time! PvP Kings.


Песочницы 4. The server discord for the ARK Xbox server pvp kings we have maps on our cluster those being Extinction and Ragnarok come join today! Ark Official Trading. Шутеры 6.

Have YOU been looking for a trading discord that is reliable and deals with scammers in the right way? Well if so, Here you are! We are a brand new trading discord, trying to get in the ranks. All you need to do is, join the discord, comply with the rules, and trade!

If you are caught scamming, action will be taken if there is proof! Iron Point Ark Server. Все игры 3. Looking for a certain item? Getahinsh Productions Открыть профиль Показать все сообщения. Последний раз отредактировано Getahinsh Productions ; 2 сен. Cross-Platform has not arrived!

There will never be cross-platform play for this game and others as neither Microsoft or Sony will allow it. Показывать на странице: Дата создания: Новое обсуждение. Правила обсуждений. Все права защищены. Все торговые марки являются собственностью соответствующих владельцев в США и других странах.