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Суть вакансии заключается в настройке процессов для создания новых технических решений, согласовании приоритетов с заказчиками и поиске оптимальных решений для достижения целей бизнеса. You will also be responsible for creation of the front-end elements. Therefore, a strong understanding of front-end technologies is necessary as well. The Namecheap Private Email powered by Open-Xchange is a cloud-based open-source collaboration software that meets all necessary email, calendar and contacts, tasks management and document storage needs.

The Private Email System Team is the team of the motivated high skilled professionals. The core values of our team are the Agile mindset with the focus on the result. By using technologies such as: Net Core, React.

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Domain Product team develops and supports a part of the system that manages a full life-cycle of domains. It includes UI and APIs for end users to register, transfer and renew domains, manage domain contacts as well as different admin tools for the support team related to the domain functionality.

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APIs are built using microsevice architecture. The development team is solely responsible for system architecture definition, development, release and support. All code has been written from scratch during last 10 months.

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Development team is solely responsible for system architecture definition, development, release and support. We are developing an authentic product for email traffic processing using Machine Learning, deep data analysis, containerisation etc. The long-termed project will be developed and further maintained.

We are dynamic and friendly team, looking for heroes — Python developers.

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We have cozy atmosphere and pleasant working environment. Our modern office is located near two underground stations. Product Platform is a platform that enables developers to connect any web Application with Namecheap data and domains.

This provides seamless Application-domain integration: Building backend, as well as the front end components of the system to simplify the web Application management, is our way to continuously the improve user experience with the our product.

An experienced professional who has a proven track record in a fast-paced environment and possesses organizational skills to manage multiple projects with tight deadlines effectively. Candidate will be a part of the domain product team and will work with the domain product manager as well as cross-functional teams to build and execute product marketing strategy and campaigns. Sounds good? Read on!

System QA Team responsible for the whole Namecheap product quality. The team works on improving our automation testing approaches and provide it at the company level. The product represents a full-stack web-hosting services provisioning system.

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Current tasks include support of legacy system components and 3rd party integrations, along with the implementation of new features within the current architecture. At the same time, almost all legacy system components are being replaced by a new-generation product platform into which a new microservice-based web-hosting service provisioning system will be integrated. ZONE is a Ukrainian exclusive partner of the US enterprise Namecheap, it supports the Ukrainian team of the enterprise, runs operational processes such as software development, customer support, risk management and others.

System QA team responsible for the whole Namecheap product quality. To check whether domain name is free or not and pick up variants you can, using our form for registration of domain names. Domain registration passes 2 stages: At domain registration there is an addition of the information on the domain in a database of Internet domains.

After that, the next stage - delegations follows. While your domain is not delegated, you cannot see it. Delegation is very important stage of registration of the domain as after your domain will be delegated, it will be completely efficient, and you can see it on the Internet. Easier speaking, delegation is an activation of your registered domain. Enter into the form of search domain names a name of the desirable domain and follow instructions.

If the domain name is free, the form of the application for booking and purchasing of the given domain name will be automatically presented on a site. We work from Monday to Saturday from 9: Process of transferring domain is done imperceptibly for you and your users. The Administrator of domain UZ: Average time of registration depends on time of payment.

On the average it is hours from the moment of confirming the payment. The domain. The owner administrator of a domain name will be that physical or juridical person who will be specified in the contract of domain registration.

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Pay attention to correctness of the instruction of all data for the physical person or requisites for juridical person. The domain database containing the information on registered domain names, refers to as the united Register of the domain. The register is managed by the authorized body - the Manager of domain UZ.

And the juridical person accredited by the Manager for rendering users of registration services, refers to as the Registrar. If the domain name has been already taken, it is impossible to buy it at present time 3. Domain name — is a certain alphabetic sequence designating a name of a site or used in names of electronic mail boxes. Клуб REG. Friends Клубные тарифы. RU Акции и скидки Стоимость услуг Способы оплаты.

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