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Словарь терминов eBay. Сокращения, принятые на eBay. A trademark is a name or logo used by a company to identify its goods or services. Many trademarks are registered, but a trademark need not be registered for an owner to protect it. There are other ways to infringe a trademark, including registering domain names that are substantially similar to the name of a trademark owner.

Many companies register domain names that contain their trademarks. For example, eBay owns www.

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The Coca Cola Company owns www. Intentional misspellings of and similarities to trademarked names for example, www.

Offering to sell a domain name may be used to establish "bad faith" and could expose you to serious liability. This information is not intended to be legal advice. If a member has any doubts about whether an item or domain name can be sold on eBay, eBay encourages the member to contact the trademark owner or consult an attorney.

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Protecting Intellectual Property: Intellectual property owners can report items that allegedly infringe on their rights. Trademark Office.

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DK Domain Names Вам нужна помощь? Вам нужна помощь? Наши специалисты с удовольствием помогут. Справка Домены. Pre-Registration Information The. Each phase has specific application requirements: Who can register.

Anyone can register.

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You can register a. Private Registration and Protected Registration are available for.

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We currently do not support that backorder of. Благодарим вас за отзыв.

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Похожие статьи. Другие цифры. From December 3,at This phase offers the best chance of securing a domain name.

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The first 4 days of Priority Pre-Registration will have different fees, with day one being the highest and every day thereafter decreasing in price. Days 5 through 7 will be the same fee. The price of a domain registration during Priority Pre-Registration includes the registration fee and a non-refundable early application fee. The price of your gTLD may vary based on the domain you search for and pre-register.

The early application fee is NOT refundable if the domain is awarded and then cancelled. The early application fee is not charged if you do not get the domain.

Trademark and Domain Name Basics

The registration fee is refundable if the domain name is cancelled, or if you do not get the domain name. Beginning December 10,at If you are awarded the domain name, you have 5 days to cancel your domain name and get a refund of the registration fee.

These domain names can have a up to 63 characters, with a minimum of 1 character, and can contain letters a-znumbers and hyphens except in the 3rd or 4th characters of the domain name. French and Spanish. We will park. See Transfer my domain to GoDaddy for details on the transfer process.