Domain name backorders and auctions

Backorder names with a low starting bid, and participate in auctions to get domains at the price that is right for you.

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If nobody else backorders a domain, it is yours for your starting bid! View Cart. Your cart is currently empty Search for a domain? Sign up Sign In.

Auctions, backorders and more — how to secure expired domains

When a domain name initially expires, the owner receives notification for renewal. During this time, the original owner can redeem renew the domain after expiration at an additional cost.

If the domain name is in redemption, the status will reflect that. Pay attention to the domain status instead. The original owner can no longer renew, but no one else can register it, either.

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Once this period is over, potential buyers who have purchased a backorder will have the opportunity to secure the domain. We have the knowledge and resources to make it happen.

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We will monitor, chase and register your desired domain. Offer from to 20 Euro for the domain backorder.

Snapnames domain name auction live

Secure backorder The enterprise domain catcher Why do we ask for payment in advance? When will I next hear from you? Have the highest bid when it closes and the name is yours.

Что такое «задержанные домены»?

Every day you can browse hundreds of hot domain names which NameJet has made available at public domain auctions. If you are the only bidder, the name is yours for your minimum bid registration included. View current Public Auctions. Pricing on domain name auctions, backorders, and more.

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