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Eminent Domain - это Что такое Eminent Domain?

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Vanity Nameservers. You must manage all the web sites yourself. It is extremely risky to give access to any 3rd party. A simple PHP script can ruin your whole account.

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Addon domain is NOT for hosting reselling purposes. Помог ли вам данный ответ?

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eminent domain - это Что такое eminent domain?

If you want to capture a domain name that someone else currently has registered, you can place a backorder. Domain Backorders attempts to register the domain name if it becomes available. Or, if the domain name is listed for auction, Domain Backorders gives you instructions on how to participate.

When you purchase a backorder, you can set it as public or private.

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Private backorders protect your personal information by not listing it in the Whois database. If the backorder is not successful, you can reassign it to another domain name or request a refund from our support team. For more information about the backorder process, see What are Domain Backorders? Certain country-code top-level domain names ccTLDssuch as. The credits in the list are the number you have available for the transaction. If you do not have enough credits, we take you to the shopping cart to complete the purchase.

Your backordered domain name displays on the Backorders and Monitoring page of the Domain Manager. Справка Домены.