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Using our know-how gained from perfecting CompareGameHosting we have created the ultimate game server list site. Our lists also load lightning fast, which can be refreshing as many in-game lists are dead slow.

For popular games such as Unturned we have made videos that explain the history and how you can use CompareGameHosting to make the right provider choice. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language. The recently added Greece map to Unturned has had some work doing to it, in this update we describe the map and the locations within it.

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This very festive update for Unturned brings a bunch of Christmas treats to the player mainly for the skins. A festive gift is also now available to drop down randomly to the people on the server.

Some fixes to the previously released arena map Bunker Arena have also been included in this update to fix some small glitches seen by some of the Unturned players. This ATV mod helps that by bringing in 5 quad bikes into the game. Camouflage is a key element in Unturned and this mod brings with it some awesome military uniforms for your player to blend into the environment. Alex is responsible for overseeing the content on CompareGameHosting.

Alex keeps an eye on whats going on in the game hosting world and keeps the News section of this website up to date with it. The game pages like this one are maintained through a mixture of actual manual checking of content and prices with some automatic processes. We try our best to make sure that prices are up to date and correct. Really been enjoying Unturned since I bought my own game server from a pretty decent company to be fair. Apart from the occasional person that decides it will be funny to destroy other peoples game I absolutely love Unturned and how much fun it is.

Why is Unturned any different for any of the hundreds of other Zombie survival games already on the steam market? Well unlike all the other game Unturned is true to the simplistic Minecraft look that myself and so many others have come to love over the last couple of years.

I really had no idea what Unturned was going to be like when I first downloaded it! I suppose I was under the impression that it would be a combination of Minecraft and Dayz for kids. However after playing for a couple hours I was surprised how unique the game was. If you can get past the average graphics you will discover the brilliant game play and hidden gems. For being a free to play game that was build by a kid, it is highly enjoyable!

This game is however best played online with friends and other players! We gave it a go last christmas as we were looking for a game to chill out and play after a manic christmas and unturned popped up in my recommended list. I had seen it pop up a few times in this list but always had other games to play so I had yet to give a chance.

However when I was online I suggested to my 2 friends that we should give it a go and we did. After 45 minutes we were driving around in some car we found while another guy was running around with some hat and a gun he found being chased by zombies! Ever since the day we have downloaded it we always find time to login to our Unturned server and play for a couple hours because it is just so fun! This playful minecraft Esq zombie survival game manages to be surprisingly fun for following such fundamental structures.

The elements of survival and crafting are prominent throughout the game which i feel bring an element thought into the game, which is never a bad thing, this allows for you to create some of the funniest weapons you would want to slay zombies with. The downfall of Unturned is simply its comparison to minecraft, with the increased amount of personalized games released on the minecraft servers Unturned has become more of a mini game than anything else.

Still a fun game though and with such a focus on weapons Unturned find a way to redeem itself. Anyway we wish that you find the cheap Unturned hosting you are looking for.

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In my opinion unturned is one of the best games on the steam store! I have been playing since it first launched and have paid for the premium pack because I love it so much. Me and my friends managed to pick up some cheap Unturned server hosting to avoid being constantly trolled and we love it. Amazing game! Really good game. Unturned takes everything that Is great about minecraft and adds a zombie twist to it.

Love this game so much.

Unturned server tutorial #2 First setup

If you can avoid all the kids on unturned then your doing the right thing. I kept getting stuck in noob games with kids that were just hacking everything which is sad to see these days.

The group of unturned players is pretty small, but you can find some decent people to play with if you check out the forums. This is more of a funny game than a serious one.

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Running around shooting blocky looking zombies with your blocky looking sniper rifle. I played this game for a couple of hours on my first go and was surprised at how good this game really was. The graphics looked really bad and I was expecting another cheap minecraft rip off to be honest. However this F2P game really surprised me with many different things and I was instantly hooked.


Well worth at-least trying it if your strapped for cash. Game is super. Good gameplay, good graphics, good everything. Unturned is the best free to play game around! Sadly I can not run a lot of games on my laptop, however Unturned runs perfectly due to the great cartoon graphics.

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This is the one problem that you will find with unturned. To many kids playing as admins which really does cause problems on a lot of servers. They are really bad losers and sadly there is no way to reason with them at all. Использование материалов с сайта только с согласия правообладателей. Подбор и регистрация домена в несколько кликов Выбирайте лучшие доменные имена в более чем доменных зонах Введите желаемое доменное имя Вашего сайта: РФ регистрация на 1 год - руб. Кириллическая зона.

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Educator nonintervention allusively dapple cheese y sawer. Home На своём сервере в unturned На хостинге Unturned host. Настройка плагина Kits на сервере на хостинге unturned host Ссылка на сайт со всеми айди для Unturned www. Нажимай и подписывайся: How to create a Unturned server for free within 10 Minutes! Sirkas Year ago. How To Set Up Your 3. HostTurned Tutorial !

Marsh Games Year ago. Host your own Unturned Server today! HostTurned provides high-quality Have any questions? Leave a comment and I will help you there! Like the video? Subscribe and share for more Unturned! All links and texts down below! XxLegendModzxX Year ago. Website Link: How to host your own Server in Unturned! This is the first tutorial out of 3 where I show how to set up a server at hostturned completely! Host your Unturned 3. Getting Started! I hope you found this video useful!

There is currently no set schedule on when a new video will be uploaded, as I am getting back into the swing of this. Tutorial on how to setup Uconomy and Zaupshop for Game Server hosting providers. Using GTXGaming as part of this tutorial but it works similar to other Как создать свой сервер на хостинге!

Unturned Kaska Year ago.